Monday, June 13, 2011

Look Mom no tooth!!!

Our resident Laura Ingalls, came home from swimming at Grandma's house and surprised us all by having a hole where her amazingly loose tooth had been. To be honest I can't believe that she didn't swallow the darn thing in her sleep, it was THAT loose!!!

I was so excited when she showed me I said, "Shannon Wow you lost your tooth!!" Looking up at me with her toothless grin she says ever so seriously.... " No mama I didn't lose it, it's in daddy's pocket." Any more sweet and I would be the one loosing teeth!

So today I tell her we need to snap a picture so we can E Mail Grandma Cassel and show her. She says OK... runs out of the room, because she has to get ready for her photo shoot... (her sisters really need to cut back on Americas Next Top Model) and comes out of her bedroom in the bonnet, again with the sweet 5 year old thing...

I am just going to drink this all in because I know all to soon this sweet little thing is going to be abducted and some alien lifeform will take her place when she is about 13 and will not bring her back to us until she is will into her 20's.

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